Study shows mobile data consumption continues to accelerate

A recent study by Validas research shows that mobile owners are accessing the web at an increasing rate. Validas expects data penetration on mobile devices will reach 80% by the end of 2010. Wireless data consumption figures from over 74,000 consumers were gathered from their wireless bills. There was an increase in the number of mobile devise owners using data in some form from 35% to 50%, between the end of 2009 and mid 2010.

Girl browsing the web with a phoneAccording to Ed Finegold, executive VP of analytics for Validas, this is a lifestyle shift, where using a mobile device to go online is becoming typical – maybe even preferred. This makes it very clear that if you are trying to reach your customers online, you really need to cater to mobile devices. And to make sure what you offer is easily read and accessed across a range of devices from iPhones, Droids and Evos on the high end, through BlackBerry devices in the middle, and down to the feature phones.

Contrary to what you might think, most data consumption still occurs on a pay-per-use basis. Most people are still access the web using feature phones. Smartphones like iPhones or Droids are only about 23% of the market right now.

Even within the smartphone market, not all browsers give the same experience. Mr. Finegold is himself a Blackberry user and he pointed out that if a web site is not optimized for the slower Blackberry, it is difficult to use with this type of phone. Blackberry is still the market share leader in smartphones. This is just one example of why it is so important to optimize your internet content to work well across multiple mobile platforms.

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