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Social media: No longer just for kids or connecting with old friends

Businesses in 2010 rely heavily on social media. Why? Because it’s where everybody is these days – everyone from your local dentists and cafes, to Dell, Pizza Hut, television stations and Oprah. If your business doesn’t have a thoughtful, compelling presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or other social media websites, you’re missing out on one of the least expensive and most lucrative ways to make yourself – and what you offer–well known. And the customers are there

    • 500,000,000 users on FaceBook alone
  • 56% of Twitter users say they use it for businesses purposes
  • 44% of Twitter users have recommended a product

Social Media marketing sites like Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter are where many people will find you first. And you can use them to promote and build your business for free (example: offer coupons in your Twitter Stream) or at very reasonable cost (example: targeted Facebook Ads).

KLT – Essential to Your Business Success

But being on social media sites isn’t enough. When you’re there – just as in your brick-and-mortar location – KLT is essential. What’s that, you ask?

Visitors to your site have to Know, Like, and Trust you. They can do business anywhere. At first, online visitors wander, they graze. It’s when they know, like and trust the products and services that they find online (and the people who offer them) that they begin to stick like glue and tell their friends, families and neighbors about their newest discoveries.

Within social media pages, prospective customers get to see how you interact with online customers and find out what others think of you. They get to know you. And if they like what they see? Like Velcro, they get attached.

Social Media Marketing takes time and careful attention

Lakeside Marketing Solutions will set up and optimize your social media accounts and customize your pages. We can also work with you to learn how to best use your social media to  help grow you business and retain your customers. Or we can just help you get started. Whatever works best for your situation.

Call (toll free) today for a free consultation. We’ll be glad to talk over growing your business using social media marketing. 1-888-849-0994

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