Link Building for SEO

Link building used to be considered a valid SEO technique – a way to get the search engines to rank your site higher. While many SEO companies and individuals still use it, with each new Google update, it is beginning to fall into disfavor.

As explained by Carson Ward in this blog post on MOZ Blog, 7 Reasons to Remove Link Building From Our Vocabulary, there are still reasons that links are valuable. The most useful is garnering links as a by-product from interacting with people on other sites with quality information. Thus getting traffic to your site because they feel you have something to offer them – what Google is looking for.  But using them as a technique to garner rankings is less valuable every day.

As Carson says “Sometimes building awareness with an audience is better than link building. Coverage and relationships with publishers leads to more coverage, awareness, and — yes — even more links. But once again, links are not the goal; they are merely one outcome and benefit of marketing with the goal of profitability.”

I no longer offer link building services. As valid links created in the past have become useless I feel I cannot justify charging businesses to build more links in what could be a fruitless (and costly) exercise.

If your SEO company is charging you for link building, I encourage you to ask for the details of what sort of link building they are doing and why. Read the post linked to above, for further expanation

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