Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Mobile devicesIs your business taking advantage of the mobile market? In 2010, 297 smartphones were sold worldwide.  There were 1.6 billion total mobile phones. Most people do not leave home without their phones, so there is no questions that businesses today should be using mobile as part of their overall marketing strategy. But ‘mobile’ in not just one thing.


Text messaging can be used to stay in touch with your customers, send special deals and notices, appointment reminders, paging (“your table is ready”) and be also used as a loyalty program (no more punch cards!).   A mobile website is a trimmed down version of your main website – made smaller to be easy to read on smart phones and also to give the most important information right up front.


And now, of course, there are apps. But does your business need a mobile app, or does a mobile website make more sense? While I am still recommending mobile websites, it can depend on several factors. Read this interesting article from Mashable for some insight into this question:  How to Decide Whether Your Business Needs an App

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