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Link Building for SEO

Link building used to be considered a valid SEO technique – a way to get the search engines to rank your site higher. While many SEO companies and individuals still use it, with each new Google update, it is beginning to fall into disfavor.

As explained by Carson Ward in this blog post on MOZ Blog, 7 Reasons to Remove Link Building From Our Vocabulary, there are still reasons that links are valuable. The most useful is garnering links as a by-product from interacting with people on other sites with quality information. Thus getting traffic to your site because they feel you have something to offer them – what Google is looking for.  But using them as a technique to garner rankings is less valuable every day.

As Carson says “Sometimes building awareness with an audience is better than link building. Coverage and relationships with publishers leads to more coverage, awareness, and — yes — even more links. But once again, links are not the goal; they are merely one outcome and benefit of marketing with the goal of profitability.”

I no longer offer link building services. As valid links created in the past have become useless I feel I cannot justify charging businesses to build more links in what could be a fruitless (and costly) exercise.

If your SEO company is charging you for link building, I encourage you to ask for the details of what sort of link building they are doing and why. Read the post linked to above, for further expanation

Think Groupon is a Great Idea? Not so much.

If you are a local business the daily deals, such as Groupon, are really not a great marketing strategy. Unless the customers you bring in turn into repeat business, it is really a very costly loan. And for companies like  Groupon it is not a great long term business model at all.

From a guest post by Rocky Agrawal on Tech Crunch:

“Imagine you’re a small business owner. You have to choose between two propositions:

  1. You can pay $62,500 for marketing. You’ll get a whole lot of customers coming through your door. No guarantees if they will ever come back, but they’ll come once.
  2. I’ll pay you $21,000. You get $7,000 in about 5 days, another $7,000 in 30 days and the remainder in 60 days. In exchange, you’ll give my customers cheap products for the next year.

There’s no way a business will sign up for #1. Most merchants would laugh you out of the store if you asked for $60,000.

Except they are. In droves.

Although they sound completely different, #1 and #2 are really the same—it’s the Groupon business model.”

A much better choice would be to set up your own coupon program. Using Facebook and Mobile (SMS texting), you can offer your own coupons and collect the information on the people using them. This gives you a way to follow up and build long term customers.

Read the full article – Why Groupon Is Poised For Collapse


Marketing Videos Come in Many Forms

This is an example of a fairly basic 30 second commercial or infomercial. Your marketing videos can be even simpler like a slideshow of still images or powerpoint slides, with or without voice over.  Alternatively you can go with very high quality videos putting yourself and your business on camera. We can create the videos for you (or with you), or we can take your marketing to the next level using videos you already have or do yourself. Call us to discuss the possibilities and what might work best for you.



QR code scanning increasing by leaps and bounds study says

QR bar code in magazine articleIn the first quarter of 2011, QR code (2D bar code, mobile bar code) scanning increased by over 4000%, according to a Mobio Identity Systems study.


New iPhones and android based smartphones are being sold with built in QR code readers (and older smartphones can download the readers for free), helping build the awareness. Add that to the fact that more and more known brands (such as Calvin Klein) are using them in TV, print and web advertising and use has built up dramatically.

For more information read this interesting article from Mobile Marketer

Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Mobile devicesIs your business taking advantage of the mobile market? In 2010, 297 smartphones were sold worldwide.  There were 1.6 billion total mobile phones. Most people do not leave home without their phones, so there is no questions that businesses today should be using mobile as part of their overall marketing strategy. But ‘mobile’ in not just one thing.


Text messaging can be used to stay in touch with your customers, send special deals and notices, appointment reminders, paging (“your table is ready”) and be also used as a loyalty program (no more punch cards!).   A mobile website is a trimmed down version of your main website – made smaller to be easy to read on smart phones and also to give the most important information right up front.


And now, of course, there are apps. But does your business need a mobile app, or does a mobile website make more sense? While I am still recommending mobile websites, it can depend on several factors. Read this interesting article from Mashable for some insight into this question:  How to Decide Whether Your Business Needs an App

Becoming a Social Media Company

David Armano recently chatted with Micheal Stelzner from Social Media Examiner. Specifically about the business of being a more social organization. What does that mean exactly? Well, it goes beyond social media marketing and there’s a good chance your organization will be grappling with some of the issues they discussed in this interview if your goal is to leverage social media for the benefit of your business.

See video interview here...

Get online marketing business needs met here

I’ve just added a new page to this site.  These are the tools I recommend for doing business. Mostly online tools plus a few extras.

This makes it easy for you to buy your website domain names, get website hosting, get an email marketing service and more.

Go to the Online Marketing Business Tools page to learn more.

Portland, Maine Training Studio Holds Benefit Holiday Raffle

Mobile Fitness Personal Training is sponsoring a benefit raffle.   Buy a $10 Raffle ticket at the Mobile Fitness Studio located on 49 Dartmouth St, Portland, ME for a chance to win $600 in personal training.  All proceeds go to WinterKids, St. Mary’s Food Pantry, Wayside Soup Kitchen, and the Biodiversity Research Institute. Please write checks to the charity you choose to support.

New Facebook Feature Gives Mobile Users Access to Local Deals

facebook-places logo Facebook introduced a new feature last Wednesday. Moving into location based mobile search and marketing, Facebook had previously started Facebook Places. This new feature will allow merchants to offer coupons and special deals through the Facebook  mobile application, intensifying competition in the market for mobile searches and advertising.

Read more….

Trends in Mobile marketing

Noah Elkin, senior analyst at eMarketer, New York, revealed seven key trends that mobile marketers need to know during a keynote address at the digiday: Mobile conference.

No. 1 Mobile usage has become pervasive.

No. 2 Mobile devices and platforms have experienced dramatic evolution.

No. 3 The device market is shifting in favor of smartphones, and the U.S., is driving a lot of the demand.

No. 4 Increased ownership of smart devices is driving mobile Internet growth.

No. 5 Communication modes are undergoing a significant shift.

No. 6 The base of mobile content users will continue to see strong growth.

No. 7 Tablets are changing the face of mobility and computing.

Read the full article in the Mobile Marketer newsletter….

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