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Lakeside Marketing Solutions, LLC, an Internet Marketing company, makes sure that potential customers find your website and your company. We provide SEO (search engine optimization), Video Marketing, Business Lead Generation, Social Media and Mobile Marketing. If you want to make it to the first page of Google, get customer leads, keep the customers you have, and increase your bottom line, you’ve come to the right place.

We work with every size business. Sole proprietorships and small businesses probably have the most need for the services we provide, having fewer resources to do the work themselves. But larger businesses aren’t immune to marketing woes – and some are still missing the boat, unaware of cutting-edge, newer marketing technologies that measurably increase profits.

My name is Adi Philpott. I own and operate Lakeside Marketing Solutions. As a physician, I soon realized that Adi Philpott, owner of Internet marketing company, Lakeside Marketing Solutionshaving to market my business between taking care of patients and running my office was next to impossible. It takes countless hours and additional energy, all of which must be subtracted from the rest of your life… the parts of your life that you want to be able to enjoy.

I began studying Internet marketing as a means of gaining more visibility for my own practice. As an ex-computer programmer, I had so much fun learning about, and implementing, Internet marketing that I decided to start this company and work full-time to help other business owners optimize their advertising outreach. You just can’t do it all and lead a balanced life at the same time. Even if you want to try to keep everything in-house, there’s so much to learn before you can become really good at it– and the rules of cutting-edge marketing change all the time. Are you up for that?

Our Mission:

To help you build your client base and make more money. You’re in business to do what you love, not to struggle as a marketer. Here at Lakeside Marketing Solutions, we take the Internet marketing burden off your shoulders. The result: More time for family, friends and fun after hours and weekends. Every weekend.

Sounds great, right? Why not begin enjoying the rest of your life right now?

r more information on the many ways Lakeside Marketing Solutions can help you, contact us today at 1-888-849-0994.

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