Your Website is Your Calling Card.

These days, consumers move at a hectic pace. Most Google what they’re after, searching online for local options before they commit to getting into a vehicle and going anywhere. More and more people are also searching from their mobile devices while on the road. (To reach mobile devices effectively, you need a Mobile responsive website).

What Does Your Website Say About You?

It’s an appalling statistic: Fully 46% of businesses still don’t have a website. And many of those that do don’t seem to have much insight into how to craft theirs in a way that delivers what websites are fully capable of delivering: Making visitors feel comfortable, respected, properly understood, and delivering on the claims they make.

Coffee website designWhat Does Your Website Do For You?

Your website should be bringing in new customers! If your present website isn’t looking great and ranking high within search engines, something is wrong. You’re losing opportunities 24/7/365. But do you know what needs to be done to transform your website from a bottom feeder to an alpha leader? We do.

Let Us Create or Revitalize Your Online Calling Card

We design customized websites. You’ll get no cookie-cutter sites from Lakeside. We’ll create graphics and designs that will make you the talk of the town. We’ll use search engine optimization techniques to help keep you at or near the top of the search engine game.

Your new or redesigned website will communicate with your visitors. They’ll know, like and trust you which will result in action on their part – the kind of action you ask them to take, whether it’s to buy, vote, volunteer, donate, opt-in, request a free sample, sign up for a course or for a newsletter. Whatever you offer, they’ll want a piece of the action.


To view samples of just some of our desktop and eCommerce websites, click here to go to our dedicated Web Design site.


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